Pushing myself to learn new things

Over the past 2 years, Ive struggled during my recovery journey, after a bad accident left me with a seriously injured dominant hand. I entered Covid lockdowns, in a cast, and as a hairstylist without the ability to work. Lockdowns were made exponentially harder, without the ability to draw. Winnipeg went through 3 different lockdowns, and government regulations limited my ability to be behind the chair during open periods. I became determined to not let the condition of my dominant hand prevent me from doing what i love.

Reflecting back to childhood, the dream was to become an animator illustrator. Those dreams got pushed a little deeper down, when drawing realistic portraits became my thing. I constantly had a portrait on the go, and the illustrative artwork really fell by the wayside. As much as I absolutely love portraiture and the connection it creates with the owner of the finished piece, a little part of me needed to learn to balance both portraits and creative illustrations. Not being able to draw portraits during the last two years, really allowed me to go back to that childhood dream, and nurture the side of my creativity that wants to illustrate childrens books.

I signed myself up for courses online, with Aaron Blaise (Creature Art Teacher) and with the Society of Visual Story Tellers. I’ve recently enrolled in university courses through Emily Carr University of Art and Design to learn as much as i can about the Illustration world.

I can’t wait to see what life has in store, as i move forward as a left handed artist, that balances realism, illustration, and being behind my stylists chair during the day.

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