The Artist

I have drawn for as long as I can remember. My family often tell stories of how easy I was to look after, as a small child, because all I ever wanted to do was draw and color. At the age of nine, my Grandmother asked me to draw her favourite photo. I sat down to draw, with determination to give my beloved grandmother what she’d asked for. With every detail that I put into my small drawing, I had fallen madly in love with portraiture and the challenge of replicating fine details. I couldn’t wait to draw from other reference photos. I started cutting magazine adds in half, and filling in the missing side. I often added shading to blurry or overexposed newspaper images. Replicating my favourite CD covers, or their band members, filled my sketchbooks. By 10, I was doing portraits for family and friends. One of my first “orders” still sits in a frame at my uncles house, proudly displayed in his family room.

As I’ve entered my 30s, my style and mediums have evolved from mechanical pencil, to now using colored pencils. I started working in colored pencil in 2015, and now primarily work in color. I also work in graphite pencil, and sometimes acrylic paint. I specialize in photorealistic rendering of people and pets.

In February of 2020 I had an accident, that has left me with permanent damage to my dominant hand. While Covid lockdowns were incredibly difficult to navigate, I chose to spend my time stuck in the house, working on training my left hand to do the work of my right. I’m now using my non-dominant hand for all of my artwork.

I aspire to learn as much as I can, as I strive to better myself with every piece I create.

While I’m passionately an artist, an avid crafter, a musician, and a licensed hairstylist, my day to day life revolves around the 3 greatest loves of my life, my husband of 20 years, and our 2 children.

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